deep thoughts, musings and passing fancies

I am a 30-something mom and wife. I am the Education Director of a small Hebrew School in PA. My approach to Judaism is a spiritual one and I teach with a sense of "normal mysticism," which is essentially finding the spiritual or divine in the ordinary or elevating the ordinary aspects of our lives to the level of holiness. I challenge "traditional" notions of God but deeply feel God's presence. I consider myself a Liberal Jew, which means that I am completely non-judgemental about other people's personal choices, and feel a strong sense of values that motivate my actions in the world. "Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof--You shall certainly pursue Justice!" (Deut. 16:20)

I am a social activist and work on programs to promote diversity and equality; to bring awareness to issues of poverty & homelessness, classism & racism, sexism & homophobia; and to promote universal human rights and peace in the world. Right now I am not as directly active as I once was, but am still participating in programs and teaching these values in my school. I'll get back to it more fully in few years when my daughter is a little older.

Despite the serious tone of this bio, I love to have fun and bring joy to everything I do. I am a bit of an epicure and wine aficionado. I would not be happy living in an area with fewer than 5 distinct ethnic cuisines and a well stocked wine store. I have a current interest in Israeli wines and am currently a fan of Orna Chillag, who is one of the rare breed of women vintners and may be the only Israeli woman vinter. I also love to travel, both in the US and have also been to Israel, Greece & Turkey.